Mentoring and coaching

We: Alvita Nathanial Andy Lowe PhD Antoinette McCallin PhD Astrid Gynnild PhD Hans Thulesius MD, PhD Helen Scott PhD Judith Holton PhDTina Johnston PhD Toke Barfod MD PhD andTom Andrews PhDare happy to mentor/coach people. Let us know what you need

If you would like to chat informally about how we might be able to help you, email Helen  and we'll fix a time to suit. Or Skype me at Skype id: 'groundedtheoryonline'

We will work with you, guiding you through the stages in the Grounded Theory research process, supporting you as you progress your study. You should be clear that we are Glaserian, classic Grounded Theorists and support your methodoligical development. We are not a replacement supervisor/committee and we do not deal with all contextual matters however we can help you with Grounded Theory. Read about Mie-Na's experience with the mentoring process here.

We are happy to meet for an hour or so at a time, on an ad hoc basis. Or we can offer the following packs:

GT Starter Pack 1 is designed to start you off on your GT journey. Together we will check whether the GT method is right for your study, consider your research design and early data collection plans and work with you on the GT element of your proposal. The pack comprises 4 x one hour sessions held weekly or fortnightly. Fee: £200. Other time designs can be agreed.

GT Starter Pack 2 is designed to support you through the early stages of data collection and open coding. The pack comprises 4 x one hour sessions; with a pattern of 3 x fortnightly sessions and a fourth session four weeks later. Fee: £200. Other time designs can be agreed.

GT Next Steps PackOne x 3 hour session and one x one hour session reviewing where you are in your study, addressing current issues and supporting your progress to the next stage. Fee: £200

Let us know what you need. For one-to-one mentoring we like Skype 4.1 pc to pc calls as this enables real time document sharing. We could also use chat (though this is very slow) or telephone. 

Mentoring Visits

Visits can also be arranged where researchers can work alongside mentors face to face over a period of weeks. Let us know what you need.

Meeting face to face through the Grounded Theory Institute's seminars to develop a network of contacts is best! But if you are currently minus-mentor and can not get to a face-to-face seminar - you might like to get the support you need from this online network and resource centre. Let us know what you need.

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