Evaluating a grounded theory study

See: Research consultancy: second tab ‘Evaluation and grounded theory’ for information about using grounded theory as method in evaluation projects.

If I were evaluating a research study from a Grounded Theory perspective, I would want to know about the process which had been followed and seek to understand the shape of the developing theory.

I would want to know:

  • What is the substantive area of interest?
  • What comprise the data sources?
  • Was data collected in a manner that was consistent with Grounded Theory. If it wasn’t, how was data collected … what impact will that have had?
  • Was constant comparison conducted?
  • Is there evidence of the inter-changeability of indicators?
  • Was theoretical sampling conducted?
  • Are the codes, concepts or descriptive codes?
  • What is the main concern?
  • What is the core category? And what are the related categories?
  • What do people do? What varies what people do?
  • Is there theoretical completeness and conceptual integration, what theoretical codes structure the theory?
  • Has the literature been sampled and integrated into the theory?
    Which GT books have been read?