About Us

Barney Glaser, founder of the Grounded Theory Institute, congratulating one of his Fellows, Hans Thulesius.

Who we are

We are Fellows of the Grounded Theory Institute: we have studied the grounded theory method with Barney Glaser, and we are all expert in its use.


Image: Barney Glaser (left), founder of the Grounded Theory Institute, congratulates one of his Fellows, Hans Thulesius. Hans had just completed a Herculean task of translating “Doing Grounded Theory: Issues and Discussions” into Swedish!

Meet the Team

Helen Scott Grounded Theory Online

Helen Scott Founder and GT mentor and researcher

Registered office: St. John's Street, Chichester, UK.

Tom Andrews

Tom Andrews Grounded theory mentor

School of Nursing and Midwifery, University College, Cork, Ireland

Alvita Nathanial

Alvita Nathaniel Grounded theory mentor

Professor and Chair, Charleston Department West Virginia University School of Nursing, Charleston, USA

Astrid Gynnild

Astrid Gynnild Grounded theory mentor

Professor of Journalism and Media Studies, University of Bergen, Norway.

Tina Johnston

Tina Johnston Grounded theory mentor

6154 NE Brighton ST Hillsboro, Oregon, USA.


Thank you for your insights as always, patience in listening to us; mental stamina in seeking to understand us and assisting our core concerns.  I have gone back to my research with my mind buzzing and motivated to act on what I learnt.

Seminar participant April, 2017

Thanks to Helen Scott for helping me to demystify the GT process and for introducing me to the work of Ernst von Glasersfeld.

The McDonaldization of psychotherapy and the resolving of responsibility

A big thank you for such a great two days, it exceeded my expectations in terms of learning both practicalities and re focusing my research, I found it immensely reassuring to realise that I have chosen the best methodology for my study. Your advise was so valuable …

Grounded Theory Troubleshooting Seminar, November 2016.

I also extend my gratitude to Dr. Helen Scott of the Grounded Theory Online for her invaluable and relentless methodology mentorship at the data collection and initial data analysis stages of the project.

Reshaping the Big Agenda: Transnational Politics and Domestic Resistance

I want to thank Helen Scott and Tom Andrew for inspiring me and making my journey joyful.

Bhakti Shah
PhD student, Institute of Diversity Research, University of Göttingen, Germany.

As a result of my work with Helen I now feel I have a good understanding of grounded theory, have delivered a high-quality project and established a working relationship that is both enjoyable and highly productive.

Psychiatrist and researcher

Helen offered a great deal of technical support through the process of my research, but she also encouraged me during those times when I felt simply confused. So for the other students out there…go for CGT, and consider a mentor!

Contextualising concerns: Somali urban refugee women in Nairobi

I am also indebted to Dr. Helen Scott. Her expertise in classic GT supported my belief that I could have a “jolly good [go]” at employing this methodology. She assisted me in learning fundamental components of classic GT and supported my efforts at conceptualization.

Potentializing Wellness through the Stories of Female Survivors and Descendants of Indian Residential Schools Survivors: A Grounded Theory Study.

I have to say that the grounded theory conference in Manchester really, really was hugely useful to me…. It was a great source of support and the course colleagues I met and am still in touch with have formed a great bond of ‘Glaserites’ which has also been really supportive.

Seminar attendee