Grounded Theory Online - review

PhD Thesis/Dissertation Review

Boost your confidence and have your Grounded Theory dissertation/thesis reviewed by Fellows of the Grounded Theory Institute before submission. We will review your written methods and theory chapters of your thesis and provide detailed written feedback. Depending on the length of the chapters this might take up to 8 hours (£480) which includes one hour Skype discussion. Mock vivas can also be conducted over Skype. Email Helen or use the contact form to request a quote.

Grounded Theory Examiners

Astrid Gynnild, Alvita Nathaniel, Andy Lowe, Hans Thulesius, Tom Andrews, and Vivian Martin are willing to act as PhD examiners. Contact us to let us know what you need.

Paper Review

A paper submitted to the Grounded Theory Review for publication, will be reviewed for free. The copyright will remain with you which means you are free to publish the paper yourself or to submit it to other journals/publications; however, you should check that those journals/publications do not insist on being sole publishers of your paper.

If you wish to submit to a paper to other journals/publications, we will be pleased to review your paper to include detailed feedback. We would normally expect to take about 4 hours thus you could expect to pay about £200. Email Helen or use the contact form to request a quote.