Grounded Theory Summer School

To be held in Petersfield, UK

Exploring grounded theory

A highly practical event designed to de-mystify the processes and terminology of grounded theory

Thursday June 30 and Friday July 1st, 2022.

Together we will explore the grounded theory methods of the main authors Glaser & Strauss (1967), Glaser (1978, 2017), Strauss (1987), Corbin & Strauss (2015) and Charmaz (2014) and consider which is most likely to suit your research aims. 

We will compare the processes of Classic and Constructivist grounded theories and working together we will practice the techniques of both. As we work through each stage of developing a grounded theory we will demystify both the language and the analytic process. 

At the end of the summer school, we intend that you should:

  • understand why you have chosen one variety of grounded theory and rejected another
  • be confident that the method that you have chosen will deliver the research product that you need
  • have experienced both interviewing and being interviewed to help you understand how a grounded theory interview works
  • understand the role of theoretical sampling and have practiced collecting data
  • have practiced constant comparison as you engaged in open coding, selective coding, initial coding and focused coding
  • practiced the art of memoing
  • understand the role of theoretical codes.

The two days will be busy and it will take a while for the ideas to percolate. One-to-one sessions will therefore be offered for the following week so that you can ask follow up questions.

You can email your queries to or if you would like to discuss the summer school please also email me to set up a short Zoom/telephone call.

To register, please email me with the answers to the following questions:

  • What is your interest in grounded theory?
  • What are your current research ideas/plans?
  • What would you like to gain from attending the summer school?

Please make sure that we have confirmed your place at the summer school before booking non-refundable flights or accommodation.

The fees will be £325/€325 for PhD/Masters students and £375/€360 for faculty, post-doctorates and professional researchers to include tea/coffee all day and a light (sandwiches and fruit) lunch.