Andy Lowe

Andy Lowe

806 Monterey Place
Sukhumvit 16
Bangkok 10110

Services offered:

Methodological coaching and mentoring
PhD thesis/dissertation review
PhD thesis/dissertation examination
Paper review

Experience as a Grounded Theory Researcher

I have a close working relationship with the co-originator of Grounded Theory [Dr B Glaser] which has resulted in a series of international research seminars:

Supporting Dr. Glaser: Brussels, Paris, Stockholm, Glasgow
Seminar leader: Stockholm, Berlin, Lisbon, Helsinki, Johor Bahru, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Bangkok, Glasgow, Stockholm

I was on the editorial board of the first edition of The Grounded Theory Review which was originally launched in the late 1990s. []

In 1996 I was awarded the European Union Post Doctoral Research Fellowship and I worked at the Swedish School of Economics in Helsinki for nine months using the grounded theory research method.


PhD Research Supervision experience using the grounded theory research methodology:
Titus Tossy “Cultivating Recognition” University of Cape Town South Africa Dec (2012)

Dr J Bradford (1991) The role of Museums and Galleries in the 20th centaury
Prof J Balmer(1995) The corporate identities of the BBC
Dr J Connell(1997) Strategies of multi-national hotel corporations
Dr S Haslam(1999) “Personal Legitimizing” survival strategies for senior executives
Dr C Andriopolous(2000) “Portfolioing” – creative business strategies used by architects and designers
Dr W Guthrie(2000) “Client Control” – how medical professionals manipulate their patients
The above PhD theses can be obtained through interlibrary loan from the Library of the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow Scotland
O Christiansen(2007) “Opportunizing” Aalborg University, Denmark in November 2007
T Tossy (2012) “Cultivating Recognition” University of Cape Town, South Africa in December 2012


PhD in social sciences [using the grounded theory research method] University of Glasgow UK June 1990
MBA in International Business University of Aston UK December 1979

Previous academic responsibilities

whilst at Strathclyde University, Glasgow Scotland UK
Director of Studies:
Research Methodology Course Business Faculty PhD programme [1996 to 2001] MSc in International Marketing [SE Asia] [1999 – 2001]

Co-founder of the International Centre for Corporate identity Studies [1998 – 2000]