What we do:

We offer online
  • tailored support to research students;
  • support to PhD supervisors and research committees; and
  • consultancy to industry, post doc and professional researchers

who use Glaser's Grounded Theory research method. Let us know what you need and we will do our best to help. Most of it we will need to charge for, some of it will be free. Please explore the site to see what we have.

What is Grounded Theory? Find out more
Not sure which Grounded Theory? Check out the ideas at Classic Grounded Theory is it for me? And see why we prefer Classic Grounded Theory
Learning Grounded Theory? View the getting started pages or join a course.

Stuck and need tailored support? Check out the online seminars. Or if you prefer one-to-one, ad hoc support is available at each stage of your Grounded Theory study from developing your research design and research proposal through data collection, data analysis and write up.
Need longer term support? Fellows of the Grounded Theory Institute may be available for mentoring or formal PhD supervision.

Nearly finished? Would it help if we review your theory and conduct a Mock Viva?
Publishing? Would you like us to review your paper?

Need reassurance that your student is on track? Perhaps we can help?

Confident in research, less familiar with Grounded Theory? We may be able to help let us know what you need.